Why take a Certified ScrumMaster course?

The ScrumMaster is a leader and a change agent on a mission. His mission is to make a Scrum development team successful. Throughout this course you can experience how to professionally take up this role.

Our vision for this course is that you learn that working together can create outstanding results and this is why we believe that Scrum is not only for teams but for the whole enterprise.

During this Certified ScrumMaster course we will teach you how to make a development team, a project or an organization agile and successful.

What can you achieve from a Certified ScrumMaster course?

Our experienced Certified ScrumTrainers will teach you how Scrum works and take you through the Scrum flow. They also help you understand the different roles involved in Scrum and show you planning techniques that can be used in order to run Scrum teams successfully. The training involves hands on experience as well as integrated exercises in order to help you achieve the mind shift required to implement Scrum successfully.

Who should attend?

You will leave the ScrumMaster course with a new mindset and a new approach to work. This course is an ideal stepping stone into the Scrum world and can be attended by team members, project managers, team leaders, senior management etc.

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Certified ScrumMaster              April 13-14              Stockholm              Register

Certified ScrumMaster              June 24-25              New York                Register

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