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AgileEvolution is a agile project management consultancy that provides training, consulting and mentoring services to companies who are transitioning to agile methods.

Stacia Viscardi (formerly Broderick) has worked as a project manager for 15 years in commercial manufacturing and software development. Stacia was fortunate enough to be cast in the role of ScrumMaster in 2003, and ever since has helped teams all over the world embrace the principles of and transition to agile. Stacia founded her company, AgileEvolution, Inc., based on the belief that agile practices present a humane, logical way for teams and companies to deliver products. In addition to being a Certified Innovation Games Facilitator, she is a Certified ScrumTrainer and Practitioner and a PMP, a mix that proves helpful when assisting organizations' transition from traditional to modern practices.  Stacia is co-author with Michele Sliger of The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility (Addison-Wesley).

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